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Consultations generally involve 30 – 50 minutes of conversation with prospective students and their parents. They are offered free of charge or pressure. The goal is to provide information and guidance while spending a little time getting to know each other. If you have questions about academics, college requirements, or the testing process in general, I would love to chat with you. Click the link below to get started.

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Once we’ve had a chance to meet, I encourage students preparing for a standardized test to take a proctored exam so they have a benchmark to help guide their studies. Like the consultation, the exam is offered free of charge or pressure. For those students who go on to work with me, you’ll find that first test to be an incredibly valuable part of your study plan. For everyone else, you’ll have traded a few weekend hours for a much clearer idea of where you stand and the work you’ll need to put in. Click the link below to get started.


No matter your goals or timeline, your study plan should be built on three key pillars. Finding your motivation, practicing as much as you reasonably can, and analyzing the heck out of your mistakes. For some students that might mean a few months of dedicated support and direction, for others it might mean just a session or two of fine tuning. No matter the plan, the great thing is you can be confident you’ll have all the tools and experience required to be successful on test day.
Why is the consultation free?
I want to provide value for anyone who takes time out of their day to speak with me. In some cases, that value takes the form of an engaging and enduring mentorship: I have students I have guided from Junior High all the way to Medical School. In others, that value comes in the form of a handful of targeted sessions that build confidence and a greater understanding of how learning style, grit, memory, and stress will play into the future academic endeavors. And even if we don’t end up working together, for many students and families there is value in just having an hour to sit down with an expert and get your questions answered. The process of applying to colleges is stressful enough without having to guess at some of the rules. So schedule a meeting, bring your concerns, hopes, and dreams, and let’s have a conversation.
How do the practice tests work?
Proctored practice tests for the ACT, SAT, and select subject tests are available twice on most Saturdays. Initial tests are provided free of charge as a benchmark for students interested in determining how best to approach their studies. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Results are made available the following Monday. Click HERE to see the current testing schedule.
Do students have to commit to a specific number of sessions or a minimum block of hours?
No. And you should be a little insulted by any tutor or program that makes that demand: it’s a business model that at best is invested in inefficiency and at worst in failure. My favorite situation in test prep is when I get to tell a student who planned to spend eight sessions with me that she is ready to go after three. My approach and my sessions are designed to be as efficient and effective as possible. I respect my students’ time and energy (and their family’s hard work and sacrifice) too much to require they give me some arbitrary block of hours or funds.
How many sessions do you normally advise?
Great question. And without knowing a student’s academic background, extracurriculars, practice test scores, targets, goals, and a whole host of other factors, I can’t answer it. A more helpful question might be: “Hey, if I’m starting from scratch, how many weeks should I block out for prep?” To that, I’d answer “anywhere from 8-12”. Now maybe you’ll take your first practice test and realize you’re already good to go, or maybe you’ll only need a few targeted sessions. But it’s much easier (and more effective) to taper because you’ve already hit your target score than it is to cram material in at the last minute. By starting the process with a 2-3 month buffer, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to prepare so that you can feel confident and in control come test day.


“Chris was both unbelievably supportive and engaging: I would recommend him to everyone. Not only is he beyond helpful academically, but he is also genuinely kind, interested, patient, and invested in his students’ success. Chris helped me immensely this year, and he made the entire process enjoyable at the same time.”
Ally | ACT, Pre-Calculus & Chemistry

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30 – 50 minutes to cover all of your Test Prep questions, concerns, comments, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
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